Adventure Time Dungeon Episode Transcript

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His wife, older, sits with him. Jared Marcelle lives in New York. Are you people even human? DAN: Classic tiefling betrayal! Want kinda question is that? Thank goodness for that, huh? You got to hide me, Sleepy Gary. This is a whole new thing. Think before you talk shit. The repo containing the Critical Role Dungeons and Dragons Dataset. Listen to Elliott Smith.

Until the next encounter! Oh, have you been here before? An average person has a ten. Oh, Jesus Christ, one of these. Let me go through that sack! The pride of the mountain. Tell me about this puddle. MATT: Yeah, come on, say hello! Oh, do I get to have that? We live our lives in hiding. And if something else opens up, sure, but we got to get out of here, okay?

Christmas is a special time. Well, he roped me into this! Okay, give me a Performance check? We need to get to the left nipple! You have no frame of reference. When did that get there Dodgy? Doofus Rick hugs Jerry and leaves. DAN: It was pretty great. Yeah, yeah, I like that a lot.

You really dropped the ball, man. DAN: It is in the Monster Manual? Definitely someone my dad knows. Yeah, we chose Mom hands down. These guys are much weaker. Or was that your third Rick? Why are they empty!

You called me a master convincer! It came out of the process. Those are his little burps. Rick continues adjusting the seat. And things just kind of clicked. Oh wait, there is an autopilot. How you doing, Moonshine? God damn important in there. Saved by Nikki Bigbee.

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