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This slush machine is in stock in our Ohio and Nevada warehouse, will reach you in two business days with free shipping.

Energy Star qualified refrigerators. Ice bank probe not completely submergered. MANUAL SWITCH With the switch set to AUTO, the engine may crank and start at any time without warning. Failure to displace the air with gas will result in poor drink quality. Used to receive occasional offers up an srv to keylock and manual defrost cycle was a voltmeter reading this frozen beverage dispenser manual applies to begin, and super bowl. During this time, the refrigerator also gets colder. Inspect the uncrated unit for any possible damage. This manual switch is designed to simultaneously press machine adapter in excess of frozen beverage dispenser up.

Events on Checkout Process document. Sleep Time and Defrost Times. Make your customers and employees happy by selecting the right frozen drink machine for your menu. Subscribe now for coupons, exclusive deals, and design inspiration! Install booster pumps rv products, parts town logo to remove the electromagnet, and always adhere to the cooling mechanisms may assist qualified service your frozen beverage dispenser? Ingeniously designed, the dispenser arrives with a bevy of features that make its job as simple as possible. A refrigerator colloquially fridge is a home appliance consisting of a thermally insulated. In addition, it provides GUIDANCE ONLY to the user on the correct services and site location of the unit.

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Welcome to Custom CSS! Dispenser connected to hot water supply. This cooled air is returned to the refrigerator or freezer compartment, and so keeps the box air cold. Residual sanitizing solution left in the system creates a health hazard. The upper left and right portions of the screen display the current statusof each chamber. Due to possibility of personal injury or property damage, always contact an authorized technician for servicing or repair of this unit. For the flavor syrup lines, make sure to manually activate each solenoid for the flavor syrup modules to run the cleaning fluid through the lines. You sure you need to catch the machine and repair or concentrate into drip tray assembly, they will be controlled independently controlled. This versatile machine can make frozen margaritas, frozen smoothies, and frozen cappuccinos!

Text following the Caution signal indicates a hazardous situation, which if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. Frosty Factory furnishes equipment worldwide. If dispenser is received with a shipping board attached to the bottom, remove shipping board from bottom of dispenser by accessing and removing the bolts located on the under side of the shipping board. If a COventilate the contaminated area before attempting to repair the leak. All items ship free of charge regardless of order size.

Reassemble the terminals, screws and panels. Bunn granita machine manual Flex-Cable. This manual must be read and understood before the installation and operation of this dispenser. This can mean that the BIB connector or syrup pump has a suction leak. If permanently mounting to the countertop, the dispenser should be bolted down and a thin bead of silicone sealant should be applied around the base of the frame. With hundreds of thousands of products available and millions of orders shipped, we have everything your business needs to function at its best. Add 30 Seconds End of Cycle Signal OffCancel Beverage Control Lock CookStart Cook Time Frozen Entree Defrost Favorites Popcorn Potato Pizza. This is because the compressor works for a shorter time than it does during the summers.

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Access the SERVICE MENU. Replacestart capacitor and check startrelay. Share your decorating tips, find renovation inspiration and earn rewards by connecting with us! Responsibility for damage to the dispenser lies with the carrier. Use a vacuum regulating valve with syrup boosterpumps. The constant movement of the product in the clear bowls combined with the LED lights in the bowl lids draw customer attention to boost impulse sales. In case of natural squashes, it is advisable to strain them, in order to prevent pulps from obstructing the faucet outlet. Remove all product residues from the surfaces of the dispenser. The terms and conditions of the warranty provided for the product from the manufacturer.

Faulty ice bank probe. DST schedule to set the start and end dates. Troubleshooting UPB All LED lights on Upper Board should be SOLID GREEN under normal operation. Boost impulse sales by adding a frozen cocktail machine to your bar. The refrigerator allows the modern household to keep food fresh for longer than before. Encienda el motor de rociado y deje que el desinfectante se rocíe dentro del tanque por un período de tiempo que sea el recomendado por el fabricador del desinfectante. SaniServ Frozen Beverage Dispenser High Volume SaniServ Kitchen Appliances Other I need a users manual for an older food dehydrator KN-12 date. Be sure to catch the remaining liquid from the barrel when removing the faceplate. If damage is found, call the delivering carrier immediately to file a claim. Actual images and descriptions may vary from those listed.

  • COwith a safety chain to prevent cylinders from falling over.
  • Expansion valve not opening.
  • Reroute water or COmaximize supply pressure.
  • These units perfectly freeze drinks like margaritas and wine slushies.
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Let us know if you have any questions! Become a member of our community. DISPLAY UNITS: Set the units of measurement to IMPERIAL or METRIC. The hopper is the container that holds the mixture. Make your customers and employees happy by selecting the right frozen drink during seasons. Pressing the green arrow will also allow access to the submenus. SLEEPTIMESets the machine wake and sleep times. Check for loose or incorrectkeypad not connectedproperly.

To send it, contact us. Ice bank probe positioned improperly. This Auction is pickup only! This manual must be read and understood BEFORE the installation and. It istoo hard, repeat the process taking the level control setting to the next higher value. Everything we do is designed to minimize the downtime that puts a chill on your revenues. This product is designed to look great and display your product in the best possible fashion. In addition, this unit comes with ADA compliant handles to ensure that all of your guests can operate the machine. Lift unit up by the frame cross bracing and remove lower portion of carton. Millennium Granita machine is one our recommended multipurpose beverage dispensing equipment. DO NOT use strong bleaches or detergents when cleaning the exterior of the equipment. Condensation will run down the front panel into the drip tray.

To increase the gas content in the drink, increase the setting in the EXPANSION ADJUSTMENT menu.

Check transducer and replace, ifnecessary. We thank you for noticing. Miss This Opportunity To Update Your Home, Restaurant, Office, Or Hotel! We sent a link to set your new password by email. No sales taxes charged on every item we carry. Disconnect both solenoid harness connections and verify the active charge pressure on the READOUTS menu is not climbing. Drink comes down to how finely the machine carves up the Ice request, please again. Remove accessory kit of loose parts from drip tray.

Clean out or replace BIB connector. Searching for your content. My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not! The reverse auger design speeds freeze time and reduces air mixing. Failure to do so will result in rear seal leaks and potential motor failures. This eliminates any block of iced product forming overnight, which could result in damage to mixers or to their motor when the unit is switched back on. Valve wire harness shorted to itself or to faucet plate. This section is a procedural guideline only and is subject to the requirements of the local Health Authorities.

This can be useful when too many settings have been changed and the dispenser is not operating at optimal conditions.

Mixes for Blenders and Slush Machines are the top choice of Baristas and managers in the United States.

Discount in the cart. SERVICE MENUAuthorized technician access. The legs install easily into the same four holes used to bolt the frame to the shipping pallet. PARA UNIDADES CON PRESIONE EL RESORTE CONTRA LA PARTE DE ABAJO DEL TANQUE. Other machines are larger with more hoppers and cooling systems and require a large space. In case the insulating jacket is missing replace the entire parts with original spare parts from the supplier. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. Later advances included automatic ice units and self compartmentalized freezing units. Enter the location you need the parts in this list for.

Failure to properly clean and sanitize the dispenser can negatively affect components, drink quality, and dispenser operation. If the air is not replaced with gas, then the drink quality of the first few drinks from the barrel will be negatively affected. Operation above or below the required voltage may damage the dispenser and cause inconsistent performance. Overall quality of a button, this extraordinary margarita Maker machine will make you different kinds of! We have a great auction for you with some high end equipment.

Buy Now, Special Financing Available! Quickens freeze time and reduces air mixing. Before plugging the unit in, check if the voltage is the same as that indicated on the data plate. Check the specifications for the flavors if unsure of the target brix. The first two digits are the error number and the third digit indicates the barrel number with the error. At Drink Machine Works, we are passionate about designing and building a premium Frozen Drink Machine that we are proud of and you are happy to own. Like all mechanical products, this machine will require cleaning and maintenance. Place the padlocks into the hole on each locking bar and lock.

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